Fresh Mozzarella?

Mozzarella Fresca?

Yes, it's not a legend, you can find fresh mozzarella in Fuerteventura!

Come and discover our typical Italian products in our factory in Corralejo and at all points of sale!

Our products

The dairy produces buffalo mozzarella, cow's and goat's milk daily. Burrata, stracciatella and smoked products that enrich the range of offers.

In addition to fresh products you can find scamorza, aged cheeses and a selection of typical Italian products in oil, in vinegar and aged.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Lo staff

Mario and Checco both from Torre del Greco (ITALY) are the founders of Mozzarey. Come and meet them in our Corralejo' store!

Daily production

Every day we produce mozzarella, burrata, scamorza and other milk-based products. Discover the difference between a fresh and a packaged product! Savor the true flavor of mozzarella!

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Direct sell

Discover all the products in our stores

Mozzarey is not just mozzarella! We offer a range of typical Campanian' products and the first choice of Italian' products!


Special prices for weekly orders

Request the restaurant price list now to start offering quality mozzarella!

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